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Who left his home country to live abroad, risks alot. These are the feelings and thoughts within people. But the feelings have nothing to do with the place- - far more with the responsibilities and coexistence with the history and literature and culture. Through them and in them the person is able to develop his feelings varied and versatile.


But for those who live in a foreign country temporary it is difficult to support his homeland. He is often alone and cannot assert himself in the society. He thinks he lives temporary in his host country and has no motivation to become active. He doesn’t integrate and often does not learn the language of his host country. He cannot get close to other people. He and his family live in an illusion. They are often dissatisfied and the population of the host country is not satisfied with them.

We have learned that when we are active in life and when we are part of the society we can support the people we have left behind in our countries much better. By being active we can meet new people and these people can become our friends. Friends from a country that is no longer our host country but our second home.

If you do not mutually know each other, both sides are often dominated by illusions. Is this good for the country in which you live – can it be a second home? Not at all. It is human and proper that we strive to secure our family and friends who stayed at home, and for the situation there. But without active action in your second home the perspective to stand up for your home country, becomes an illusion.

One should know: What's good for the second home, is also good for oneself, what is bad for it is also bad for oneself. An Integrated person is part of the country in which it got integrated, and then the feelings come naturally. This means absolutely no betrayal of the homeland, but it is reasonable and responsible action. This way, there are also good people. So you can participate in the progress of the country, its culture and its diverse wealth - and thereby help his compatriots in the home country effectively. Yes, integration means to take responsibility - for themselves, for others, for the first and second homeland. Where you take responsibility the feelings come - here and there. And that's good - good and human.

Of course intended to enable the laws that you as an immigrant also takes the responsibility of the states. But that's another - of course also very important issue. Also, I will write about it, next time.


Mohammad(Hamid) Moshiri